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We only have one chance
to reverse climate change,
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Scientists tell us that if we draw down our old emissions while stopping new ones, we get twice the impact on climate change.

Even better? Nature will draw down our old emissions if we restore the planet’s soil for her.

And we can all do that for just $5 a meter. Adopt-A-Meter has already restored millions of meters. Now it’s time for all of us to show the world what we can do.

Farmers are
the Key to
Restoring Soil.

And over a billion of them are women.

Most carbon in our atmosphere came from fossil fuels. And most of those (coal, oil, natural gas) came from our soil. Unfortunately, Nature can’t put that carbon back because chemicals and other industrial farming techniques have destroyed up to 70% of our topsoil, according to the UN.

But we can restore it, and farmers around the world are already on their way. They just need our support.

Climate Change, meetRegenerative Agriculture.

The Power of Soil Restoration

Regenerative Agriculture works with Nature, and not against it.

It doesn’t use chemicals, or plow up all the living things in the soil that leave it dead or degraded. And, it can start bringing soil health back, and carbon back down, within the first year.

Just one acre of restored land can bring tons of carbon down every year. And there are over twelve billion acres of farmland around the world.

5 million meters and counting.

There are many ways to join the movement. Stay up to date to learn how we are all reversing climate change, together.

Mother Earth

And female farmers around the world.

Adopt meters now and your money will fund female farmers to restore their land and help us all reverse climate change.

Adopt Meters

Our initial Women In Farming projects include:

American Farmland Trust

Tens of thousands of US farmers. Our program will support female farmers, especially among BIPOC.

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India’s largest farming organization. Millions of Indian women currently benefit from Navdanya leadership.

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Co-op Las Amazonas

Female farmers in Costa Rica, growing food, ingredients for cosmetics, and trees for reforesting.

Learn More


CoopeCuna’s vision of healthier soil, improved ecosystem function, and greater livelihoods for female farmers is a model for cooperatives everywhere.

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Our global partners to help female farmers include:

The Carbon

How we do the work.

Adopt-A-Meter is a program of The Carbon Underground, an organization created in 2014 to reverse climate change by taking our old carbon emissions and putting them back underground. Over the years we have worked with hundreds of companies, governments, soil experts and farmers around the world on projects that restore our soil and draw down carbon threatening our future.

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Help us reverse climate change today.

Adopting meters is simple. Make a one-time donation, give a gift or even better, sign up to do it monthly and know that every month you are doing something to actually help heal the planet. It’s that easy.

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